The Red Queen and the Garden of Potential

  • The Red Queen’s realm behaves like a networked reality of sorts. It sits beyond our idea of hyper-connected — everything ‘is’ connected to everything else.
  • In her realm all boundaries are arbitrary — they do and don’t exist at the same time and a thing can be a part of many wholes or parts at once.
  • Let’s not forget that The Red Queen is also the smartest person in the room — we don’t want to lose our heads!
  • Without the realms existence The Red Queen would not be able to perform her role in evolution. She must be in all places at once otherwise she could not guide us.
  • Without The Red Queen the realm would exist as a wasteland, sitting alongside our world but entirely passive and without agency or purpose. Intelligent intervention is required in order for the realm to flourish.

A World of Our Creation

The Garden of Potential

An environment fit for life and culture

A World of Potential Awaits



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