The Blackbird and The Space Lift: When the only step forward is a leap into the unknown

Qualitatively Different or Improved

A Mechanical Understanding of Society

  • Civil Society acts as an independent function operating in the space where The State and Business do not.
  • The State is your democracy, the government and those services and functions which are within their remit or under their control.
  • Business gets on with the job of providing things and making money.
Pick up a newspaper or watch the news and this could be what you are seeing.
  • If Government moves too far in one direction, then there will be push back from one of the other pillars.
  • If Business goes too far then Civil Society can respond, react, lobby, protest and campaign and Government can decide to regulate or legislate.
  • If Civil Society goes too far then I’m not actually sure what would happen. It does seem to be a little underpowered and outmanoeuvred at times. I think something good probably would happen but we may never actually get to find out and the point is to reach a balance.

An Integrated Understanding of Society

  • Today governments enact legislation and work with business and civil society to try to improve conditions at work and within society for disabled people.
  • Businesses do make an effort but are hampered by attitudes and stereotypes which are carried by society as a whole and not just within their organisations.
  • Civil Society Organisations campaign and lobby expending millions in trying to change attitudes and behaviours and improve disabled people’s lives.
  • Government has deep resources and the ability to convene and connect but is reliant on Civil Society and Business to act for any effect to be realised. At the same time there is a need to rapidly adapt society and the economy to new needs. These things require mass action and willing participation to succeed.
  • 21st Century businesses requires different abilities and skillsets. To remain current and adaptive means continually investing and developing new capacities. The continual need for development and innovation will be the new normal for business.
  • Civil Society has expertise, knowledge and resources which can be repurposed to transfer knowledge and upskill business and workforces in social/environmental/cultural awareness; new markets, products and services; new ways of doing things and 21st century skills.
There’s a lot more to be said about the potential of ‘place’.

A Network Society: Systems Gardening as an Engine of Growth

The Blackbird and The Space Lift

If you watch from 36m to 57m you may see another connection.



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