Platform media strategy: Content that changes the world

  • Times do change and industries were never been built to be adaptive.
  • Much of the machinery of society has been conceived, designed and constructed to keep repeating itself.
  • What are the needs of society today?
  • How can we explore this question and the meanings which arise?
  • How can we bring our strengths, assets and resources towards the fulfilling of those needs?
  • Finally, how do we do this sustainably and remain adaptive and in touch?
  • they already produced and distributed community content.
  • they were all deeply connected with the local community and aware of local need.
  • there was a relationship available here with a mix of different strengths, resources and assets that could all work together to generate something new and additional.
  • a wide range of their content was already well suited for Socially and could be repurposed easily.
  • there was a need for additional content which created greater community engagement and activation around a number of strategic areas and I’ll explain that part later on. For now, it is just worth understanding that this additional content creation would be perfectly well suited to their organisations working together as a network.
  • Most towns and cities all have an existing ecosystem of community media organisations.
  • There is something unique and compelling about Socially which the organisations I spoke to all got and understood.
  • I’m pretty sure the model could be replicated in other places.
  • It may be some kind of franchise model which local community media organisations could partner on, adopt or support.
  • We don’t simply wish to report on what they are doing like a newspaper as this contributes very little value to local activity or efforts.
  • We want content that informs, educates and helps develop understanding and empathy.
  • We want content which brings people into the story so that they become an active participant, not a passive consumer.
  • We want content which operates to strengthen relationships and heal divides.
  • We want to unlock the potential of people and place.
  • people and families who are making positive changes in their lives.
  • communities that are working together to improve local lives and the environment.
  • businesses that are helping communities and local people to succeed.
  • connect and communicate with each other.
  • collaborate around local needs or aspirations.
  • identify and make use of local resources and assets.
  • Our platform can change the connection between communities and civil society from one based on advertising to one based on relationships.
  • More people engaging with organisations whose primary aim is to bring about change.
  • Greater awareness of local conditions, people’s lives and social need.
  • We tell a story of communities becoming confident and doing things for themselves.
  • We show how local people and businesses are actively making a difference to people’s lives through their own ideas and projects.
  • We use a wellbeing lens (5 Ways to Wellbeing) to connect people to events and activities that are healthy and fun things to do and get involved with.
  • We want people, organisations and businesses to get involved locally and we use real stories to show that by helping our communities it is possible to achieve great things.

Socially Enterprising

  1. To make available the latent potential of society and place this within reach of communities.
  2. To make cross-sector collaboration much more common place.
  3. To encourage actions and behaviours which are pro-social across the whole of society i.e. they have an effect which creates social or environmental benefit.

Being a Platform

  • Allows us to strategically curate.
  • Allows us to set the acceptable rules for content.
  • Allows us to restrict content production/partnerships to organisations which meet certain criteria, for example inclusivity and diversity training of content/media producers.
  • there are a number of community media organisations of some kind
  • the local paper went into decline and well trained and experienced staff (journalism/photography) were laid off early.
  • some of these ex-staffers continue with their trade either through local commissions and/or Facebook pages on a semi-professional/amateur basis.



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