Garden Archetypes: The sumo, the saint, the fool and the friend

The Sumo

  • Examples can be local authorities adopting policies that exclude previous recipients of services.
  • Departments operating at the absolute minimum required by law.
  • Charities not working with others.
  • Organisations avoiding responsibility or passing the buck.
  • Circular signposting.

The Saint

The I̶d̶i̶o̶t̶ Fool

  • The fool represents people and organisations that are solely focussed on themselves.
  • They are not interested in cooperating or collaborating unless the gains are evident on their parts.
  • Their view of the world is singular and this makes it difficult to work intelligently with them.
  • Maybe we let KPI’s get in the way of being people or helping people?
  • Maybe we act unreasonably and without thinking?
  • Maybe we forget to listen to what people are saying because we are too busy thinking about what to say?

The Friend

In the Garden



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