Fit for Purpose: Networks and Health Checks

Bucky’s Balls

The Health of a System

Just what the doctor ordered

Connecting the Dots

Intelligent Interventions, Investments, Capacity Building and Support

Network Concepts

  • It is possible to understand groups, collaborations and organisations as networks.
  • It is possible to understand networks as a type of tensegrity structure.
  • It is possible to understand networks as having certain types of health or fitness indicators which enable deeper understanding of their potential effectiveness in a number of important domains.
  • With this understanding it is possible to develop and strengthen networks so that they are better able to function.
  • It is possible to zoom out and understand the smaller network as part of a larger network of networks. This strategic view allows for greater strategic insight and understanding.
  • This zoomed out view is again a tensegrity structure and network.
  • It’s networks all the way up and all the way down.
  • Any part of the network can have its health and fitness understood and improved.
  • Improve the health and fitness of a network which connects networks (regional, professional, community of practice, peer support, community connectors etc.) and you may also see benefits ‘distribute’ themselves across the wider network.

Good collaboration isn’t easy but it can be easier

Wider Questions and Considerations

Maintaining level on uneven ground

Greater than the sum of its parts

  • Is it a problem or not if the people on the other side of the river get access to a local park which offers a choice of interesting activities and events but on your side of the river and on your park there is nothing?
  • Is it a problem if a town’s only mental health support is delivered from a church and you are a Muslim or an atheist or a Jew?
  • Is it a problem if your only local mental health peer group is held at a café where the owner has outdated and offensive attitudes towards you but not everyone else?
  • Is it a problem if the only location for you to withdraw cash in a village is over the counter at the community run store?

Why is all of this important?

Similar but different. Another way to understand networks and structures. (

The Revolution



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