Creative, social, innovative and entrepreneurial: Understanding local needs as developmental and economic potential

Definitions and elaborations of Social Action, Social Innovation, and Social Enterprise.

Understanding Need

  • Modern families and young children can lack access and input from grandparents.
  • Adults in day-care settings can also find themselves isolated, estranged and distanced from their own families or from society as a whole.
  • Steps to a positive future: People in later life have positive experiences of ageing
  • Mobility and transport: Enhancing independence and wellbeing through improved mobility
  • Life Transitions: Supporting people to prepare for life changes
  • Caring about carers: Supporting, valuing and celebrating carers
  • Right information, right time: Making information accessible, relevant and meaningful
  • Making connections: Creating opportunities for people in later life to connect with other people, communities and activities
  • With these aspects visible you can better work together to attempt to deliver a project that improves the local context.
  • At the same time, thought can be given to ensure that every participant can benefit from participation through the gaining of knowledge, skills, learning or experience.

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