Conversation: Help to Help Yourself (Somerset County Council, Somerset CCG/Fit For My Future)

  • You might need to organise Home Help for a relative.
  • Maybe family circumstances have changed and you’re looking for friendship or activities nearby.
  • You might have gained a few pounds after the last year and are looking for a sport to enjoy or some local walks.
  • Someone may have told you about Social Prescribing and you’d like to know more about what could be available near you.

Socially — Community; Building, Development, Engagement and Activation

  • We want people to be happy, healthy and connected.
  • We want communities to be vibrant, confident, involved and successful.
  • We want people and communities to be empowered, informed and able to take positive action to improve local conditions and lives.
  • We can zoom into the work of community connectors and local organisations and the effect they have on local people’s lives.
  • We can show how joining local clubs, groups and activities has positive results all round.
  • We can connect people to each other and to their communities.
  • We can help facilitate the connection between local services and people.
  • You can create a presence for local Peer Support groups.
  • You can create Community Health groups where people can ask questions and connect easily with community connectors and organisations.
  • You can create Community Project groups where people can work together to achieve something for their community with support from local organisations.
  • You can create a Climate Action group which brings citizens, businesses and local authorities together in a way in which they work together and not against each other.
  • Quite simply, you can take all of the amazing work and organisations that exist in or around communities and you can give them an easily discoverable and reachable public presence.



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