“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.” ― Barry H. Gillespie

Putting together Socially Enterprising has been no short journey.

My personal path of learning, exploration and discovery has meandered far and wide and…

“All my teachers have been women. Though several men have taken me aside for an hour to tell me things they know.” — Don Paterson, The Book of Shadows

I’ve worked in a few different places and with many different people.

I was always interested in what was going on…

In a previous post I connected place-based working to the concept of an Islamic garden and also how the basic fundamental principles within Islamic geometric art can help illustrate how layering and collaboration can be thought of.

Here I’m going to introduce some archetypes which you may find when working…

Last year I applied, unsuccessfully, to Nesta’s ‘Future News Pilot Fund’. The purpose of the fund was to support innovation related to Public Interest News.

Public interest journalism/news is:

- About matters that concern society as a whole, including those who have been historically or systematically under-represented in society or…

I was recently invited to briefly introduce Socially Enterprising to Somerset County Council.

The conversation was oriented around building knowledge for the planning of ‘Help to Help Yourself’ which is looking at how information is provided to the public so that they can discover and access local help and support.

I watched ‘The Imagineering Story’ earlier this year.

It’s the story of Walt Disney, his team of Imagineers and the founding of the theme parks.

It connected three things of importance to my thoughts at the time.

Although Walt Disney is only featured in the first episode of the series…

I watched the following video over the weekend and thought I would post it up here. These guys are doing amazing stuff and meta-materials are interesting in their own right.

For me, I’ve long considered that networks also have architectural and structural properties and potential which we currently have little…

I’ve just rediscovered some files which were produced as part of the Platform Coops Now! 2020 Incubator.

There may be some value in sharing so I’m duplicating the info here.

Document: Progress and Communications

Platform Coops Now! July 2020

The purpose of this document is to provide an explanation of my thinking throughout the…

It could be said that humankind was gifted with everything they would ever need and it would be hard to argue, standing here in the 21st century, some 7 million years since we first learned to walk, that we are somehow deficient in any conceivable way.

Our mind, senses, memory…

“…Thamus feared that writing would erode the oral context of education and learning, allowing knowledge to escape from the teacher-student relationship and pass into the hands of the unprepared. …

Wes Hinckes

Founder of Socially Enterprising / Commoner / Mostly Unemployed.

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